Because you want to feel confident that:

 YOU are in good hands from start to finish… and your part will be easy.

  • YOU and your property will be treated with the HIGHEST RESPECT.
  • YOUR items will arrive in the SAME CONDITION as when collected.
  • YOU will be kept INFORMED throughout.
  • YOU will receive the SERVICE you need.
  • YOU will receive VALUE for money.
  • YOU will have PEACE of MIND throughout.

…and because we will move you with:


…from every team member.

To us this is the core ingredient of any move.

It is also the No. 1 criteria we use in selecting and building our team.

If every single team member genuinely cares about what they do and how they do it.

You (and us) can be assured that your removal experience will be all you hoped it would be…EASY, STRESS FREE and VALUE for MONEY.

We take great CARE in:

  • UNDERSTANDING – all your requirements and what we need to do.
  • PLANNING – every element of your move professionally.
  • PERFORMING – efficiently, effectively and safely as individuals and as a team.
  • PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY – to complete agreed tasks to highest standards, on time.
  • ASKING FOR FEEDBACK – to ensure satisfaction and continuous improvement.


…in everything we do.

From our overall Business Philosophy (which is based on a win/win approach), right through to the performance of our newest team member.

With over 34 years’ experience in Removals and Storage, we have established a very ‘hard earned’ reputation from our customers and within the Removal Industry itself.

Endorsements from our customers – over 50% of our business is repeat business, with a further 25% coming from referrals. Our professionalism features as a strong positive in our customer reviews.

Endorsements from our industry (Australian Furniture Removers of Australia (AFRA)) – acceptance as a fully accredited AFRA member, confirming compliance with their own high standards of service and professionalism. Reconfirmed periodically via independent AFRA audits. Recognised through numerous national AFRA awards (since 2004), for individual team members and for the business (as a whole).

We build professionalism into:

  • OUR BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY – high quality service, high integrity, easy to deal with.
  • OUR STANDARDS – equal to any in the industry. Customer focussed.
  • OUR TEAM – through selection, training, development and ongoing support.
  • OUR TEAMWORK – individual ownership with ongoing commitment to growth.


…from start to finish.

Experience has shown us that great communication (internally and externally) is a critical element of any successful move.

It is an area where problems can easily arise.

It plays a key role in minimising stress and the possibility of any misunderstanding and/or confusion arising.

You can expect that regardless of which one of us you deal with, you will find a consistency in the information provided and in our standards and approach.

Great communication is second nature to us:

  • Starting with ensuring we are ALL on the ‘same page’.
  • Being FRIENDLY; in our listening as well as our delivery.
  • Providing COMPLETE information; based on our years of experience.
  • Ensuring that all information passed on is ACCURATE; in and out.
  • Always delivered in a TIMELY manner, leaving no room for doubt or worry.
  • Makes us EASY to deal with.


…we deliver all we say we will.

We have confidence in saying this because of the care we take to ONLY confirm what we know we can deliver. Then making sure we follow through accordingly; taking responsibility for coming up with solutions for circumstances arising beyond our control.

We take this very seriously, after all it is our INTEGRITY and REPUTATION being put on the line every day. We have a great track record, over many years, and we aim to keep it that way…that’s why we monitor it closely on every job.

We plan it into every job by:

  • Being THOROUGH – in our planning, preparations and execution.
  • Being PUNCTUAL – made possible by our experience and thoroughness.
  • Offering a FIXED PRICE – based on agreed volumes and timings.
  • Obtaining/confirming details in WRITING – avoiding omissions/misunderstandings.