Modular Storage Containers in Secure Warehouse

Sydney to QLD removalists (Noosa Van Lines) offers multiple solutions for storing your goods on the Sunshine Coast. Our Head Office / Storage Center is based at 3 Production Street, Noosaville QLD.

We genuinely care about your personal belongings and have always held a trusted name and reputation within the removal and storage industry; since our inception in 1981.

Storage Options:

Treated Timber Module Storage System:

For smaller sized relocations or for larger relocations being stored for long periods of time, we use storage modules. These are treated timber boxes that are loaded with your items then sealed and stored in a large, back to base monitored security warehouse.

This system of storage has many advantages over self-storage centers. As we can experience rapid temperature changes in Queensland, the module system guarantees that there will be no condensation build up, thus helping eliminate mold or mildew on your goods.

(Please note: All goods should be dry and clean prior to our staff members loading modules from your residence ).

For large items that cannot be stored in our modules due to size, we accommodate these in our free-standing storage area, within our security monitored warehouse.

The timber modules are designed to AVOID DOUBLE HANDLING and make for efficient handling and easy stacking. At time of pick-up, we load empty modules (number to suit the size of the total items to be stored) onto the back of our truck and transport them to your premises. We then load all your items into the modules (weather protected) and return them to our warehouse where they forklifted off to truck, stacked and stored. When it is time for redeliver to your new premises we simply forklift them back onto our truck for transport to your residence and unload and place your items into your residence as per your instructions. We do charge a module lift fee (placing modules on our specifically designed vehicles) when departing storage, but this works out much more cost effective than unloading, reloading then delivering your items individually.

For further information on our storage system, please contact one of our friendly office team.

Treated Timber Module Storage System

Treated Timber Module Storage System

Module Specifications:

They have been specially designed for use in the Removals + Storage industry:

  • They are made of treated plywood and pine.
  • Their dimensions are: L 2.4m x W 1.8m x H 2.62m
  • They can hold up to 9.6 cubic meters of furniture and personal effects (an average house will use around 3 – 4 modules)
  • They are forklift-able. Of our vehicles into storage and back onto vehicles.
  • We use canvas covers to protect them whilst in transit when inclement weather is present.
  • We store them undercover within our dry, clean and security back to base monitored warehouse.
  • They are well sealed, making them dust and vermin proof.

 Shipping Container Storage System:

For larger style relocations where short term storage is required, shipping containers are certainly the best method to use. They can be loaded onsite, stored, then redelivered with no double handling of items. All of our shipping containers are of high quality and designed specifically to transport furniture and effects. Our shipping containers are stored at our head office and are regularly inspected to ensure your contents are kept in pristine condition.

Container Specifications:

New 20’ high cube containers – custom built to our specifications:

  • Internal Dimensions – L 5.9m x W 2.35m x H 2.68m.
  • They can store up to 37 cubic meters of furniture and personal effects.
  • Constant airflow provided by multiple air-vents.
  • Timber lined.
  • Fitted with tie rails to aid safe and secure storage within the container.
  • They are well sealed, making them dust, weather and vermin proof.
  • We store them outside, on concrete hardstand at our premises in Noosaville.
  • They are forklift-able.