Sydney to Queensland removalists has undertaken a premium relocation service to and from Sydney since 1981. We started with one vehicle and a plan to be one of the finest Interstate removalists –  fast forward nearly 40 years and our online reviews speak volumes about what our team has managed to achieve over the years, and for the great service they provide to our customers day in and day out.

Having extensive knowledge of the removal industry, we work closely with you to provide the most streamlined relocation service possible. From the first point of contact through to the safe and quality completion of every task we undertake for you, our highly motivated and professional team will ensure you are kept well informed throughout the whole process…they aim to make your move as stress-free as possible for you.

How should you prepare for an interstate removal from or to Sydney?

When relocating, there are many aspects to consider to ensure a smooth transition.

Firstly, be sure to obtain a comprehensive quote, in writing. Make sure you include accurate information on all aspects of your move – complete details of all the items you wish to be relocated, any services you will require such as storage, pre-packing and/or insurance requirements…as well as information regarding any difficult items or access issues. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of making sure ALL the information you provide is complete and accurate, as this forms the basis of our FIXED price proposal. No surprises for us means no surprises for you.

Once this information is provided, our operations staff will then provide you with a formal proposal. At any stage after receiving your proposal, you can alter or advise changes to your list of items and we can then amend accordingly if necessary.

YOUR preparations in advance of moving day.

Our proposal will list ALL the services we have agreed to undertake for you, be sure to double-check in advance if there is anything you are not sure of. It is always better to check ahead than leave it to the day, our Operations Team is always willing to clarify any aspect with you.

If you have chosen to pack your own belongings, then all packing should be complete and be ready for our Removalists to get started as soon as they arrive; in accordance with the time we have agreed and advised.

Our Driver will confirm with you on arrival all the items, services and special requirements involved in your move before they get started.

Some important things for you to consider in advance:

If you have chosen to pack your belongings yourself, use cartons that are designed for our industry. Our team of removalists have many years’ experience, but they can only work with what they have. Inferior boxes will crush and lose integrity throughout transport. You can purchase cartons from us if on the Sunshine Coast or your nearest storage centre along with all other materials you will need for packing.

As long as Noosa Van Lines have been notified, we can assist with this service. It will certainly save time and money if this is undertaken by yourself. If you have chosen to undertake this, please ensure that all items are disassembled prior to the relocation team arriving and pack the fixings in a safe place.

We require goods that we are relocating to have a certain level of cleanliness. BBQ’s should be cleaned of grease and debris, items that have dirt or a lot of dust to be brushed off, and effects generally are to be presented in a fairly clean state; this helps us as well as protects your items whilst being transported.

Time frames:
Sydney to QLD removalists will always advise what day we can make pick up and what day we can deliver. If you have preferred time frames, please MAKE SURE you provide this information during the quoting process. This is important to enable us to consider, plan and coordinate your relocation along with other clients we are looking after on that day as well. Our Operations Team will discuss this with you in detail when confirming your booking and our driver will confirm a time range for their arrival on the day prior. Although uncommon, should we encounter unforeseen variables or circumstances, we will notify you as soon as possible to advise if we are ahead of schedule or delayed.

Access Concerns:
If you are residing in a complex that has limited parking for a large vehicle, it is best to notify all other tenants of your relocation day AND do what you can to reserve suitable parking. This way we can minimize any disruption and make access and the move as easy as possible; other residents can prepare themselves for our relocation vehicle to be present and avoid situations where we may have to block a driveway or access point. If you are living in a highrise building, usually the manager will advise what time frames lifts can be blocked off for removal purposes.

View a list of items that are not eligible for removal.

What you can expect from Sydney to QLD Removalists?

  • We will prepare thoroughly for your move.
  • We will only promise what we know we can deliver.
  • We will be professional in making sure we deliver the highest standards of service and care for you and your belongings…including managing any unforeseen circumstances to minimize any disruption to you.
  • Our reputation, as detailed in the words of our customers in the hundreds of reviews they have left us online, has been hard-earned and we aim to keep it that way…by making sure we deliver for every customer every day; you included.

When using Sydney to QLD removalists for your relocation, you are using a company that pays attention to every detail, is attentive to your needs and requests, provides industry-leading professionals to undertake your relocation, using state of the art relocation vehicles…a company’s reputation that speaks for itself.

Our long-standing membership of AFRA provides you with added comfort.

Please note this quote from the Australian Removers Association Website below.

AFRA accredits only those furniture removalists that have the necessary equipment, vehicles, premises and staff training needed to complete a professional move. “

We cover most areas on the EAST COAST of Australia:

Sydney to QLD removalists specializes in relocations from the Sunshine Coast to Sydney and return, servicing all areas in-between along with Western regions.

These are just some of the key routes we run for your Interstate relocation: