If you want to be able to give yourself a BIG TICK for choosing the right Removalist after your move has been completed
…best to make sure you can give the Removalist you choose these 5 ticks BEFORE you engage them:


I FEEL I can trust ALL that they have said to me and ALL they have promised to do for me?


I FEEL very confident, having visited their website, spoken to their staff AND checked out their reviews on-line…that they can AND will deliver on all they have promised to do for me, to the standard I am expecting and in the time frames we have agreed?


I FEEL cared for as a customer and as a person…I felt this in their communication, their willingness to listen and understand ALL my requirements, in their attention to detail in gathering ALL the necessary information to FULLY understand my job as well as their own abilities to deliver on what they are promising to do for me?
Remembering that any lack of care I might feel in the initial stages of my contact and their planning will no doubt be reflected in the quality of their work and my experiences with them – overall and at every step of the process.


I FEEL that if everything goes according to plan, my part in my move will be made as easy as possible by engaging this particular Removal company…given my ticks above I FEEL a sense of ease with my decision AND that everything will go according to plan.


I FEEL that by engaging this Removal company to undertake my move for me it will be money well spent…given the value I place on ALL the things above, NOT having to move myself…AND of course LESS STRESS as result of choosing the right Removalist for me!